National Orthodontic Health Month: October

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National Orthodontic Health Month: October

The month of October is celebrated as the National Orthodontic Health Month all over the world. We are taking this opportunity to spread awareness about Orthodontic treatment to the public. Let us celebrate beautiful healthy smile together by learning more about Orthodontics and how it brings a better smile on your face.

Let us start with debunking some of the Orthodontic Myths. How many of you have believed that Orthodontics is only for kids? There are many other such misconceptions about Orthodontics which preclude many patients from taking the right decision at the right time. Orthodontics is very expensive, it is a long-term process, Orthodontist’s only offer braces are some other such misconceptions that many have in their mind.

Orthodontics: An Overview

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in prevention and correction of dental irregularities and improves your facial aesthetic. A properly aligned white teeth not only brings out the beauty in you but also creates a healthy bite. Some of the basic Orthodontic issues that we deal with are crooked or crowded teeth, protrusive teeth, teeth that are spaced apart, abnormal bites such as overbite, deep bite , etc. A properly aligned teeth not only improves your bite but also the clarity of your speech. When braces and aligners are commonly used to align your teeth, retainers play an important role in preserving and stabilizing the result.

Benefits that tag along:

Let us make the best out of this celebration by looking into some basic but pivotal advantages of Orthodontics and how proper care and treatment can improve your wellbeing

Improved oral hygiene:

We all know that food particles are more likely to get trapped between crooked or crowded teeth which further acts as a playground for many bacteria’s leading to oral health risk. An Orthodontist stands hand in hand with you to get a properly aligned set of teeth thereby reducing the risk of cavities and other dental problems.

Head Neck Shoulder Pain Relief:

In many cases, we are unaware of the underlying factors behind many of our health issues. The reason behind your head, neck or shoulder pain may be your misaligned teeth. Have you ever thought of that? A misaligned bite is a common cause of teeth grinding and worn-out teeth. This forces the jaw to adjust during sleep to alleviate strain on the jaw joints resulting in Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ & TMD). TMJ related pains can be alleviated with Orthodontic Treatments which is breaking news for many.

Better Sleep:

Teeth and jaw misalignment alleviate the discomfort associated with Bruxism (Teeth Grinding). This is one for the hidden reason behind disturbed sleep in many. Correcting alignment issues can relieve this problem to a great extent.

Confidence Booster:

Last but not least, a confident smile reflects a confident mind. Your physical appeal plays an important role in boosting your self-esteem. A pearl white set of properly aligned teeth gives you more confident and beautiful smile that could launch a thousand ships.


A harmonious relationship with the doctor creates a serene atmosphere during the treatment. Feel free to get in touch with our specialist to get the answer to all your quires. Parasu Dental Hospital with our dedicated team of doctors, specialist and lab technicians wholeheartedly participate with our patients towards a better oral health. Equipped with US FDA approved high-quality equipment and zero-microbe sterilization technology we work towards delivering the most amiable and immaculate patient experience in our hospital.

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