Beautiful Healthy Smile For Life with Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Beautiful Healthy Smile For Life with Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The personality of an individual is often judged by his looks. However, the personality may be falsely interpreted by ugly and impaired teeth. Parasu Dental Hospital offers Full Mouth Rehabilitation that enhances your smile and personality.

What is Full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation or restoration is a procedure to restore the functional integrity of the dental arches by use of inlays, crowns, bridges and partial dentures.It is preferred when You have been in an accident, Your jaw has been broken, Several of your teeth have fallen out and You have suffered from extensive decay and gum disease.

How is the plan for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

During the consultation, our dentist will evaluate your mouth, including the teeth, gums, and bone. It will help them determine the extent of the damage. The dentist will then generate a treatment plan.

According to the bone quality: If the bone quality is good, upper jaw 8 implants and lower jaw 6 implants are sufficient. If the bone quality is compromised, upper jaw will require 10 implants and lower jaw will require 8 implants.

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Full-mouth reconstruction Benefits

* Relief from pain due to misaligned jaw and improper bite

* Helps to get sharp and refreshing facial contours which usually cave-in due to missing teeth

* Much stronger and stable foundation because of restoring the lost bone in the jaw

* Healthier gums after treatment of gum diseases

* Overall a happier, healthier and confident smile

A full mouth rehabilitation is a customized treatment plan to help patients with numerous dental health issues restore their smiles. Parasu Dental Hospital allows full mouth rehabilitation to happen in three days.

Three days procedure include:

* Taking of measurements and placing of the implants

* The teeth are arranged and evaluating appearance

* Bite analysis after fixing of the provisional teeth.

Parasu Dental Hospital are one of the best Dental Implant Clinic in Chennai provides you Full Mouth rehabilitation with basal implants. The clinic has qualified and reliable doctors having many years of experience to treat dental implants. The clinic has all the modern techniques to treat dental implants.

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