How to Treat Dental Implant Failure ?

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How to Treat Dental Implant Failure ?

Dental implants are used to support bridges, dentures, or crowns and will let them function like natural teeth. After complete heal, dental implants can restore the bite.

What is dental implant failure?

Even though they come along with several benefits, dental implants can fail at times.

As Dental Implant Surgery is a highly sophisticated process, it is very important that you get the proper treatment. It takes a good skill level and expertise in the field for this.

Why do dental implants fail?

Here are some Reasons why Dental Implants Fail:-

Early implant rejection

* Late implant rejection

* Traumatic bite if the rest of the teeth are not properly positioned

* Smoking

* Older implants may also fail

* Poor dental hygiene

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Dental Implants Failure Signs

Some signs that your dental implant may be failing include:

* Pain while biting

* Loose or wobbly implants

* Difficulty in chewing

* Redness

* Inflammation

Dental implants failure treatment

The treatment purely dependent on the cause of the failure. In peri-implantitis, a case of Dental implants failure caused by gum infection, the treatment includes cleaning the implant and improving oral hygiene. If detected and treated early, peri-implantitis can be easily solved.

If the Dental implant failure is due to the damage or stress on the bone around the implant, a bone graft may be required. Dental implants will be placed only in spots having sufficient bone density else the treatment requires bone grafting.

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