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Immediate total teeth replacement is one of the most famous treatment options in implant dentistry. Immediate total teeth replacement means that dental implant is performed within 24-48 hours of the surgery.

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If any person is about to lose a tooth, or suddenly lost a tooth, then there is a chance to replaced teeth with immediate total teeth replacement dental implant. We, Parasu dental hospital, Chennai are specialized in implant techniques that are highly effective and economical in cost.

Conditions to perform Immediate Total Teeth Replacement

To perform, immediate loading implants, it is important to complete some requirements such as

* Bone around the deteriorating tooth should be intact
* The gum and its surrounding area should be free from infection and bacteria

These two conditions are highly important to perform the procedure as it helps in extracting the root and immediately fix an implant in the tooth socket. Further, if the implant is performed well then only we can fix the titanium post and also fix a temporary crown on the top. Immediate total teeth replacement shortens the treatment length, eliminates the need for removable appliances, and maintains the quality of soft and hard tissue levels. We, at Parasu dental hospital, Chennai makes their patients come to the hospital with deteriorating teeth and leave the hospital within few hours with a new implant in place.

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  • Needed only one surgical procedure
  • No need to expose the implant
  • Short treatment time
  • Fixed provision is possible

Immediate total teeth replacement needs a specialist, experienced and restorative dentist to perform the process effectively and efficiently. So, it is highly important to find a great surgeon who can do a fine and smooth quality work. We, at Parasu dental hospital, Chennai has well qualified and experienced staff to help patients and provide them a quality work environment.

The only disadvantage of the procedure is that it is difficult to make a definitive tooth colored abutment while placing the implant.


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Parasu dental hospital, Chennai is one of the best dental implant center in Chennai. The hospital provides specialized immediate total teeth replacement in Chennai with the help of latest techniques.

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