Metal Free Dental Implants - New Beginning With A New Tooth!!

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Metal Free Dental Implants - New Beginning With A New Tooth!!

Most of us are conscious when we smile, it may be because of our missing tooth (who wants to show off vacant spaces?). A missing tooth affects your facial structure and also gives you problem while swallowing. An easy solution to this is fixing an artificial tooth. Often this removable denture gives you a lot of trouble. A substitute to this is a Dental Implant. Dental implant is an artificial root that is placed in the missing region.

Dental Implant is one of the effective ways to replace a missing tooth. Dental implant can be used as a replacement for a single tooth or multiple teeth. The Implant fuses with the jawbone and gives the comfort and look of natural teeth.

The placement of Dental implant requires the expertise of specialist dental surgeon called Implantologist. There are many dental clinics in India that provide best dental care. Parasu dental hospital in Chennai has the presence of experienced specialist and facilities that take care of your dental health.

Dental Implant is mostly made of titanium. But now metal free dental implants are very popular. One of the reasons behind the popularity is that, this implant fuses very well with the jaw bone.

Parasu Dental Hospital also provides metal free dental implant. Metal free dental implant is a one step surgery which saves time and can be done immediately after a tooth extraction. Along with metal free dental implant the hospital has services like Titanium Dental Implants - Single and Multiple tooth replacement, Immediate dentures, Overdentures, full mouth rehabilitation, bone grafting etc.

Parasu Dental Hospital is one of the best choices for a complete dental checkup and your ultimate dental care partner. The top notch facilities and the presence of dedicated specialists make it stand out in the crowd. They are famous for providing the best dental implants in Tamil Nadu. Go visit the centre for sparkling teeth with the best metal free dental implants in Chennai.

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