Dental implants - Single day procedure

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Dental implants - Single day procedure

Dental implants are metal frames or posts that are placed surgically into the jawbone beneath the gums. Once it is done, they allow the dentist to mount replacement of teeth onto them.


What is the need for dental implants?

When a person's teeth have been rotten or broken accidentally or by any other means like poor teeth maintenance, old age, etc., instead of wearing removable dentures, one can implant the tooth which becomes permanent, the only need is to have a good bone structure. Having a dental implant actually improves the look of the face thereby improve the quality of life.

Dental implant treatment

Dental implant treatment involves a two-step procedure. The first one involves implanting the metal rods into the jaw; this will act as a tooth root. The second one is covering the metal rod with a layer of gum which we cannot see through naked eye. Here, in this method, the stitches are removed or dissolve by themselves after a period of seven to fifteen days. After the surgery, some of the restrictions the patient should follow are not to smoke, not to suck on straws, and should not spit.

The advantage of dental implants over removable dentures is that these provide stable support for artificial teeth and would not slip from the mouth and give a natural look.

Single day procedure

The most revolutionary dental implant technique that can immediately replace missing or failing teeth by the Dental Associates is that the single day procedure for tooth replacement. The implant specialists have been performing these highly successful procedures. This is possible to replace either a single or multiple teeth.

Advantages of Dental Implants in a single day

  • Replacement done immediately of missing teeth in a day.
  • It is a fast method to be done in a day.
  • It gives back the fixed teeth look back in 24 hours.
  • No need to wait for a long time to heal.
  • Gives back clear speech, smile and better eating of food.
  • Increases self-confidence.
  • No need to stay back at home for the healing process.

About Chennai Dental Implants Clinic

The location of the clinic is well-connected within the city and it is very comfortable and easy to reach. Here, we have very much experienced doctor team, implant specialists, and lab technicians. We have very good hygiene and follow sterilization technology to take care of the patient safety. All the equipments used here are US FDA approved and of higher quality. The price of dental implant is more reasonable when compared to other clinics. There is no compromise in the quality of service even though we do replacement with reasonable cost. There is a lifetime warranty for all the implants done in this clinic. We have specialized doctors and experienced staff members to take care of the patient's care and give very special attention and care to senior citizens, who visits the clinic for dental implants.

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