What is Dental Tourism ?

Dental or medical tourism means travelling abroad for better and affordable treatment. This can be either because of the low standard of treatment or due to high cost of treatment available in one’s own country.

India has become a favoured destination for dental and medical tourism for patients from around the globe especially for patients coming from Western countries. Dental tourism forms almost 10% of the total medical tourism in India. This is mainly because of the expensive dental treatment in most of the developed western countries. The cost of dental care is the western country is approximately 10 times more than that in India. Moreover most of the insurance companies in these countries do not cover dental treatment and it becomes quite difficult for patients to get their dental treatment done. In comparison, India offers high quality treatment at most reasonable cost that is much lesser than the western countries.

Dental Tourism in Tamil Nadu

Why should any dental patient visit India for treatment?

As already stated, cost-effectiveness and high quality treatment are the major attractions to visit India for dental tourism. In addition to these, following factors also contribute to the ever increasing number of foreign patients in India:

  • World-class dental clinics all over India with state to the art infrastructure and equipments to match the best of international standards
  • Highly qualified and experienced dentists and specialists in dental implants, smile design and cosmetic dentistry
  • Dentists are well versed with the modern technology in dentistry
  • International standards of hygiene and sterilization techniques
  • Best treatment destination for specialized procedures like dental implants
  • Although the cost is far less but there is no compromise on quality of treatment
  • All the doctors and staff at dental clinics are fluent in English
  • Doctors are easily accessible through online consultation and patient can discuss all his queries before coming to India
  • Save on dental treatments while exploring the beautiful locations in India

So visit India and redesign your smile without any compromise on quality and save up to 80% on your dental treatments along with a beautiful vacation at the exotic locations of India.

We are having separate international department, where they will take care of you from landing in Chennai, India. We are providing stay for all overseas patients. We are arranging for them to visit tourist places in between the treatment.

⁠⁠⁠For enabling health care professionals to communicate with patients in their own language and overcoming language barriers to care,We have in house translators for German ,French,Somali and Arab which helps to improve  health care communication with foreign patients.

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