1. Can old aged people get implant?

Age is not a factor of eligibility for dental implant. Any individual in good health can get dental implant.

2. What do they actually feel like?

Dental implants feel, look and function like natural teeth.

3. Is this an expensive procedure?

The cost of dental implants depends upon the number of implants required. They may be a little expensive than fixed bridgework, but are more cost-effective as they last so much longer and also depends on brand.

4. Are all implants successful

Dental implants are 98% successful. Very rarely some complications or rejection by the body may occur.

5. Will I be able to eat after implant surgery?

Patient is advised to eat soft, nutritious foods and keep well hydrated during the healing period of the surgical site.

6. How long does it take to place dental implants?

Although it depends upon the number and location of the implants, but in most of the cases, it usually takes less than an hour. If it is single implant 10-30 mins.

7. Will the surgery be painful?

It completely painless procedures we will do in local anesthesia, General anesthesia and conscious sedation.

8. Can I get dental implant from any dentist?

Dental implant is a specialized and sophisticated procedure that should be carefully performed to avoid any complications or implant failure. It should be done by a dental surgeon who has the degree in Implant dentistry.


9. Why should I choose dental implants?

Dental implant is the best tooth restoration procedure. In comparison with other tooth replacement options, dental implants have following benefits:

  • Most natural-looking and natural-feeling replacement
  • Do not slip or click when talking, laughing or eating
  • Increases confidence in social situations
  • Healthy option as jawbone is maintained and facial structure is also intact

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