Dental Implant is a surgical procedure that requires expertise of a specialist dental surgeon called ‘Implantologist'. Before selecting a centre for dental implant, following points should be kept in mind for the best treatment:

Best Dental Implantologist Chennai


  • The dentist should be an experienced ‘Implantologist' or a specialist in implant dentistry
  • The material used for making implants should be Titanium
  • The dentist should provide long term back-up support even after the completion of treatment
  • Dentist should either have a full service dental laboratory in his office or he should have a reliable outside dental laboratory for the fabrication part of treatment
  • It is advisable that the person should visit the clinic and evaluate its ambience, staff and hygiene level before deciding to go for the treatment
  • In our parasu dental hospital our implantologist placed more than 4000 implants.
  • He also got so many awards
    • Best youngest implantologist in South India
    • Best Zygomatic implantologist in South India
    • Most Promising implantologist in South India


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