A successful implant is the one that survives for a longer time without giving any problem to the person. But due to some reasons, implant can fail. In this situation, the first and foremost step is to identify the failing implant and reason for its failure. This will set the stage for next step of treatment. Then a tailor made treatment plan should be made according to the cause of failure.

The different methods and treatment modalities that are used to deal with dental implant failure are:

  • Bone & gum tissue grafting: The bone & gum tissue surrounding the implant is built by graft to make a strong foundation for new implant.
  • Implant removal: Some cases may require removal of implant and the area left to heal for some time (can take up to a year or more). After proper healing of the area, a new implant can be attempted to the jawbone.

All is not lost if a dental implant fails. If an early detection is made, it is possible to save an implant. But in some rare cases, an implant cannot be tried again and other methods of restoration need to be considered. Your Implantologist is the best person to decide the course of treatment after an implant failure.

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