Dental implant is the best treatment for missing teeth. In fact, if a person has lost several of his teeth, implant-supported bridges can replace both the lost natural teeth and some of the roots. It is a permanent solution that look and feels just like natural teeth.

Multiple Teeth Replacement Procedure

As more than one tooth is to be replaced, the process often completes over 3-4 visits:

  • Consultation and planning: Firstly, patient is thoroughly examined by the Implantologist and his detailed dental and medical history is taken. If required, imaging of teeth is done before making a treatment plan.
  • Placement of the dental implants: Implant is placed in the jawbone so that a strong and stable foundation is prepared for the replacement teeth
  • Placement of the abutment: Abutment is a small extension that acts as connector between implant and replacement teeth. It is placed over the implant 2-3 days after implant placement.
Multiple Tooth Replacement Chennai

Advantages of Multiple Teeth Replacement by Implant

  • Is a permanent solution for tooth loss problem
  • Gives a more robust and aesthetic solution to removable dentures and bridges
  • Is much more comfortable and stable
  • Looks and feel just like natural teeth
  • Is designed to fit the shade and contours of existing teeth structure
  • Maintains the integrity of the facial structure
  • Restores natural biting and chewing capacity
  • Replace teeth without support from adjacent natural teeth
  • Preserves the bone

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