One hour dental implant is an instant process and a computer aided implant technique in which patient gets the new tooth or teeth in around an hour skipping the six month wait period between first and second stage of implant procedure. The implants and replacement teeth are fitted all in one go.

Who are suitable candidates for One Hour Dental Implants?

The procedure is basically for those individuals who don’t want to wait for six month healing period. But the person should fulfil following criteria:

  • Presence of enough jawbone density
  • Should have no teeth or is planning for all tooth extraction in either top jaw, bottom jaw, or both

One Hour Dental Implants Procedure

Planning for the procedure: The one hour dental implants procedure is planned using a CT scan and Virtual Reality software. This technology enables the identification of precise locations for implant abutments. Before the actual procedure, a highly aesthetic non-removable bridge (tooth replacement) is also fabricated.

On the day of procedure: An implant bridge is placed on the precise position as planned. No healing time is required as the implants fit exactly into the surgical sites created for them. Non-removable bridge is also fused with the abutments and the patient moves out with a perfect smile.

Single visit dental implant Chennai,India

Advantages of One Hour Dental Implants

  • Extremely accurate, aesthetic & safe procedure
  • Implants act like natural teeth
  • Allows for virtually painless dental implant treatment
  • Gives beautiful teeth the same day
  • Dental implants start functioning immediately after the procedure
  • Prevents further jaw bone loss
  • Bones become stronger and denser
  • Saves time & effort

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