Dental implants are highly successful with a success rate of around 98-99%. Success rate majorly depends upon the location of implant in the jaw. Interestingly, the person can help implant last long or even last a life time by following some simple steps:

  • Take proper care of the implant
  • Practice excellent oral hygiene and keep the implant and other teeth clean and germ free
  • Regularly visiting the dental clinic for follow up care and check-ups to ensure proper functioning of the implant
  • Avoid bad oral habits like chewing hard items, smoking, tobacco etc
  •  Seek immediate treatment for any damage to the implant 

Low Cost Dental Implants India

Although all these efforts can make an implant last long but in some rare cases, the bone may fail to fuse sufficiently to the metal implant. In this situation, the implant is removed, the bone is cleaned up, and another implant can be placed Immediately.

  • In parasu dental hospital we are giving life time warrenty to the patient.
  • More over we are authorised center for NOBEL BIOCARE implants. So NOBEL BIOCARE IMPLANTS Our clinic will give Global warrenty to all our patients.

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