Devaraj Ponnusamy

I had my crowns, bridges and partial dentures in Parasu Dental. I am so happy with the results. I have got back my beautiful smile and confidence. Dr. Vivekpandian explained the treatment process in detail and made me feel more comfortable. The whole process was done professionally. Thanks to the team.

Vinayak A

Many thanks to Parasu Dental Clinic. I lost my teeth due to an accident and went in for a dental implants at Parasu Dental. Dr. Vivekpandian, my dentist worked out my dental implant treatment plan with kindness and great professionalism. My treatment went smoothly and was completed within the stipulated time period. I'm now happy with my new smile.

Karthick Pandian

I always have my routine teeth cleaning done at Parasu Dental Clinic. Dr. Vivekpandian offers a professional treatment which gives a perfect result. He is extremely friendly. The treatment here is worth the penny. I can recommend Parasu Dental Clinic to everyone who is looking for high-quality dental treatment at affordable cost.

Vidhya R S

Dr. Vivekpandian and his team at Parasu Dental Clinic offer a world-class dental service with high professionalism. The clinic is very neat, equipped with all the latest dental equipment. A perfect combination of high-quality and affordable pricing. The best dental treatment one can get.

sasi varnan

I was looking for a dental clinic near my home and my friend recommended Parasu Dental hospital. The dentist and the staff are very friendly and professional. The waiting time was less and I was treated with great care by Dr.Vivekpandian. I went in for teeth cleaning and had it done in a perfect way. Glad I chose Parasu dental hospital.


Mayur Khokhar

Dr Vivekpandian and staff were awesome! For personal reasons it had been several years since I had been in. He remembered me and my mouth's idiosyncrasies. Professional and thorough. I would strongly recommend his practice.

Kirankumar Arumugam

This was my first dental treatment. I came in for implants and everything went smoothly and painless. The dentist, Dr. Vivekpandian was very professional and friendly. I had the most amazing dental experience. This is the best place for those looking to restore their smile.

Prakash cool

I had my crowns fitted here. It's been probably the best dental experience in my life. Dr.Vivekpandian with high experience and professionalism offered the best treatment with care and compassion. I now have a great smile. Thanks to the entire team at Parasu Dental Clinic.

jeba gnanakumar.k

I have done my whitening treatment at Parasu Dental Clinic. I now have a bright smile which boosts my confidence. The treatment in worth the cost and did not create sensitivity in my mouth. Dr.Vivekpandian did a great job.Thank you very much.

sanjai4392 prabu

I recently needed to get some dental cleaning done and I had a great experience with Dr. Vivekpandian and his team at Parasu Dental Clinic. The dentist is highly professional, good communicator and patient listener, who could put any patient at ease. Would highly recommend him for any dental treatment.

Ram Kumar

I had missing teeth and went to Parasu dental hospital for getting implants. Excellent service and professionalism by Dr.Vivekpandian. Got high-quality implants at competitive prices. Had a great experience. Highly recommend.

Walsh Lesly

Got my dental implant surgery done at Parasu Dental. I'm so happy with my new smile. Advancement treatment options, no hidden costs and complete transparency of the procedure. Worth every penny.

Chatham Kulam

I have had a great experience with Parasu Dental Clinic. I decided to get my braces and after my initial consultation with Dr.Vivekpandian, I felt really comfortable. He was very friendly and listened to all my queries patiently. He gave me a treatment plan with all the treatment options. It was within my budget. Finally, I got my braces and I'm happy with the result. Thanks to Dr.Vivekpandian.

ramesh kumar

I went in for a wisdom tooth extraction. Dr.Vivekpandian and his team were exceptional. He was very professional, compassionate and skilled. From the initial enquiry to the final consultation, every staff member was so patient in answering our queries. Had a great experience. Would definitely recommend to others.

Karthik MSK

I had my crowns fitted at Parasu Dental. It has been a great service from the initial consultation to the final review. Dr. Vivekpandian is extremely professional and very friendly. I'm so satisfied with the service. Would recommend it to my friends and family.

Balanagendran R

This was the first time I visited a dental clinic to get teeth cleaning. And deep cleaning was done by Dr.Vivekpandian who is a very professional and friendly dentist. I felt so comfortable throughout the treatment. Can highly recommend.

pretty prajitha

I have been a patient of Parasu Dental Clinic for a few years and I can say that it is the best dental clinic. Dr.Vivekpandian and his team are polite, friendly and offers the best dental treatment. You could be sure that you're in the safe hands and can get guaranteed best results. Highly recommended.

Prabu p Palanisamy

I had yellow stained teeth and was looking for a dental clinic to undergo my teeth whitening treatment. After seeing all the good reviews, I decided to go to Parasu Dental Hospital. I had my consultation with Dr.Vivekpandian. He was professional and very friendly. I had my teeth whitening treatment and did not feel any sensitivity after the treatment. I'm satisfied with the treatment.

Sakthi RJ

I've always been dreaming of a whiter teeth. But with so many teeth whitening options available in the market, I was confused. Then I went to Parasu Dental Hospital and had a consultation with Dr.Vivekpandian. I had the best teeth whitening treatment and now I'm happy with my smile. Would highly recommend.

sabares waran

I am very grateful to Dr. Vivekpandian and his team for helping me restore my smile using dental implants. They were very caring and supportive and explained me how to take care of my teeth. I will not hesitate in recommending Parasu Dental to everyone.

Seby Martin

I requested for an emergency appointment for a crown and they gave me the appointment. Dr.Vivekpandian performed tremendously in getting my permanent crown. The doctor and staff were great. They made it a painless procedure. Thanks so much.

Nirmal K Rajendran

I had missing teeth, but was really scared to go to the dentists. After seeing the reviews I decided to visit Parasu Dental Hospital to get my dental implants. I'm glad I made this decision. Dr. Vivekpandian was very kind, friendly and accommodating. I had my best dental experience. Thanks to Dr.Vivekpandian and his team.

Sam Paul

I have had false teeth for a long time and had a dream of getting implants. But was really scared of going to the dentists. Then my friend suggested me to visit Parasu Dental Hospital.

Manikandan M

I was referred to Dr. Vivekpandian by one of my friends for a root canal treatment. It was a wise decision. The procedure was fast, pain free and comfortable. I was very satisfied with the end result. Overall, great dentist, great staff, great experience.

Ramesh ishu

I was recommended to Parasu Dental Clinic by one of my friends. I went in to have a dental implant treatment. Dr.Vivekpandian examined my oral health and provided me the treatment plan.

jafar sathik

My first amazing dental experience at Parasu Dental Clinic. I had my dental implant done by Dr.Vivekpandian. I am generally scared about the dental treatments, but after talking to Dr.Vivekpandian,

karthick muruganandham

I would like to say a big thank you Dr.Vivekpandian and the entire team at Parasu Dental. I had my dental implant done here. The entire procedure was pain free and the dentists were polite, friendly and patient to answer all my queries.

Dhamu Annamalai

I had my deep cleaning and polishing done here. Dr.Vivekpandian carried out the process with sheer professionalism and friendliness. Thanks to the entire team for providing a more efficient and comfortable dental session.

mayur prajapati

Dr Vivekpandian made me feel very comfortable. he is very professional and did a great job on my cleaning! The front desk staff are professional as well. I would definitely recommend parasu dental clinic to my family and friends .

Mani Mekalai

I had crooked teeth and I made the decision to fix my teeth using braces. But I did not want to have braces that could spoil my look. So I decided to go for clear braces as suggested by Dr.Vivekpandian at Parasu dental hospital. I've straight, good looking teeth now. Thanks to Dr.Vivekpandian.


Dr. Vivekpandian is an amazing dentist. Had my deep cleaning session and the process went smoothly. I loved the result. Highly recommended.

Karthikeyan V Mani

Friendly dentist, excellent and a highly professional service. I went in for a dental checkup and cleaning. I am very happy with the work done by Dr.Vivekpandian. Got fantastic results.

Dhana Dhana

I had severe pain in my left side teeth for one week. At the time my relative recommend this clinic. I visited here and got best care from here and Dr vivekpandiyan provide complete treatment for my dental pain also he give more explain about preventive measures and care of dental problems.Really I satisfied with his treatment. Now I had totally relived from pain. Thank you Dr vivek


Bala Chandar

I was looking for a good implantologist and my friend recommended Dr.Vivekpandian at Parasu Dental Clinic. He is highly experienced, professional and friendly dentist, with whom you can feel more comfortable during the treatment. Right care at affordable cost. Would definitely recommend.

aravind srinivasan

I had a severe root infection and luckily my friend recommended Parasu Dental hospital. 
Dr. Vivekpandian was so friendly and listened to all my problems patiently

Aravinth Desikan

I would recommend anyone who is not happy with their smile to contact Parasu Dental. The staffs are great. Dr. Vivekpandian, a friendly and professional implantologist can get the result you want. They have transformed my smile and look. Thanks to the entire team

Vaishnavi R

I had the best dental experience here at parasu dental hospital. Right from the receptionist to the Dr. Vivekpandian, were excellent and I can really say that I did not feel any pain at all during my Root Canal procedure. Highly recommended.

sankar ganesh

Thanks to Dr. Vivekpandian for helping to restore my smile and confidence. A professional and friendly dentist. During the procedure, he made me feel at ease and thoroughly explained what procedure was needed and why. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Vivekpandian for best implant treatment.

bharath kumar

I personally did not like going to a dentist until I met dr.vivekpandiyan.I was pleasantly surprised with my first appointment.He explained my plan of care and easily answered my concerns.He made the whole experience easy with no pain. I would highly recommend him.

Gandhimathi Sudhakar

Very excellent care and services has providing in this clinic. Dr.vivekpandiyan is very best care provider for all dental problems and his staffs are very good and make us feel better. Surely, i will recommend this clinic for my friends and relatives.thank u Dr vivek.

Mind Made

I went in for a dental implant treatment. Dr.Vivekpandian asked me what sort of implant I require and explained all the options I have in detail. This helped me in deciding the treatment plan within my budget. The whole procedure went smoothly and Dr. Vivekpandian made me feel more comfortable with his friendly nature. I'm contented with my new smile. i had mentioned "parasu dental clinic" in the reviews if you want replace it with the exact hospital name like "Parasu Dental Care" or "Parasu Dental Hospital"

Vignesh Veerabathran

I had a lot of trouble with my crown and went for a checkup at Parasu dental. Dr.Vivekpandian suggested me to have a root canal treatment. The treatment was painless and everything went smooth. Thanks to Dr.Vivekpandian.

Kannathal Kannathal

I would like to share my great experience with Dr. Vivekpandian at Parasu Dental. I had a wisdom tooth extraction with no pain. Dr. Vivekpandian was very friendly and made me feel more comfortable during the treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Vivekpandian for dental care services.


The best dentist. My pain got an excellent solution. Before i met Dr.Vivek pandian i had more pain on my upper jaw. He gives a perfect treatment for any kind of dental problems.

kamal naveen

Best dental care in chennai. I had more pain in my teeth. Once I visit Dr.Vivek Pandian, after that I completely free from pain and i got detailed explanation about my problem.

Jenifer Leena

Best treatment facilities available for all type of dental problems and Dr. Vivekpandiyan is very good dental care specialist and also easily approachable to all patients. I highly recommend this hospital.

viji sathish

In this clinic Dr.vivekpandiyan has provide very best treatment for all type of dental problems. And he was more generous to all patients, he explain more information about the dental problems and treatment facilities.

Mahesh Waran

Good dental clinic. I feel very happy to visit Dr.Vivekpandian for my teeth problem.

Kumar Sudhir


Vasu Pogula

I was searching for dentist and discovered him (Dr.Vivek) online. He is very nice and professional. His staff was very generous and his place of work is immaculate and clean. I was so satisfied with the results of my dental work, I won't go to any other dentist.The whole staff is super friendly and make u feel comfortable during your whole visit! The dentist is very knowledgeable and very helpful. I highly recommend this. I will definitely be returning with friends and family. Thank you so much to Dr.Vivek and his staff.

Bala D

Great service & high quality dental works!

Karuppaiya p

Really great implant dentist. I was terrified with my previous dental experience but in Parasu hospital , i got my upper jaw tooth replacements done by Dr.Vivek pandian . It was a great experience and i highly recommend him for dental implants..

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