Implant is the most trusted treatment procedure for persons with missing tooth anywhere in the mouth. Although this is the main eligibility criteria to get dental implant but there are some other concerns too that needs to be evaluated before starting the treatment. These include:

  • Patient who is the missing tooth and the extracted tooth. In addition to above, there are certain conditions that can affect the efficacy of dental implant procedure like:
  • Young individuals whose jawbone is still growing( Below 16 years)
  • Diseases like
    • Uncontrolled diabetes ( Above 300mg/dl)
    • Cancer ( If they radiation)
    • Haemophilia ( Bleeding disorder those who are not able to extract teeth)
    • Significant immune deficiencies
  • Conditions like
    • Pregnancy
    • Head or neck radiation

All these criteria should be considered before starting implant procedure. Also, person should share his complete medical history along with medications that he is taking with his dentist for a smooth and risk free treatment.

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